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Jalan Kamunting is an urban district in downtown Kuala Lumpur. A main settlement for tin mining during the colonial era, the industry boomed in the mid-19th century, giving life to the development of the surrounding neighbourhood. Like most capital cities, Kuala Lumpur or KL, as it is known locally, drew people from different destinations, transforming the city into a melting pot of various cultures.

At the end of the 19th century, most of the neighbourhood, which had been constructed of wood and thatch, had been destroyed by a disastrous fire and flood. To prevent the reoccurrence of this destruction, the British colonial administration stipulated that the buildings were to be replaced with, far less flammable, bricks and tiles. This resulted in the area’s distinct eclectic shophouse architecture many with five foot ways, pedestrian walkways unique to the region.

Today, the neighbourhood of Jalan Kamunting includes the reincarnation of The Row, formally known as the Asian Heritage Row. Twenty-two 1940s shophouses featuring great restaurants, a dazzling nightlife, cafés, art galleries and creative businesses. A dynamic mix of old and new, this vibrant atmosphere which fuels the city defines STRIPES.